Thursday, 21 June 2012

I'm basically a Pussycat Doll

In an effort to already spice up my 'diet life', I have taken to exercise videos. There are a number of reasons for this but mainly that I am unemployed and cannot afford a gym membership, and although my dad has kindly offered to pay for my gym membership I rather he save to buy me a new Audi A3. Just saying. 

Now the PCD workout dvd has become a firm favourite of mine, it mixes sexy dancing with more sexy dancing and the occassional feather boa (we used scarves, the feathers would have just made us irritable when so sweaty). I wouldn't say I was a natural mover, at school I was mocked for my signature move; that being standing in the middle of a club, pout firmly on and one hand in the air. Occasionally swaying from side to side depending on the number of then VKs I had consumed. Whilst my skills have little improved, I do believe the PCD workout video has taught me a thing or two - 'the snake', and the 'pop it, push it, grind it, slap it'. Normally I am not alone in doing this workout, my housemates have often joined in the slutty fun, but yesterday I attempted it alone. It was not quite at the same level of success and was definitely not as entertaining as it usually is. Normally we are so good at it, Alice and I have frequent routine offs in the kitchen - the only way really to perfect the hair swishing snake. 

Instead yesterday, I heard my dad shout from his office, 'Billie, why is the floor shaking?!' Clearly my criss cross jump was a little over enthusiastic. To add to the disastrous workout the builders from next door were definitely watching and most definitely laughing.T further add insult to injury I caught a glimpse of myself snaking in the mirror and whilst I normally think, 'yeaahhh I look HOT', yesterday I simply thought, 'you twat, put some make up and a sports bra on'. 

HOWEVER this moment of self loathing and obvious bad light will not deter me. It will only make me stronger. Laugh at me all you want middle aged grotesque builders I am going to look like Rihanna and then when you see me snake and  'pop it, push it, grind it, slap it', HA you will not be able to contain yourselves. 

But for now I might stick to Davina and in the lounge, less opportunity for pervert and floor shaking.  If you're feeling brave check out the link to the best part of the workout, try it on a night out - it will most definitely score you at least one jaeger bomb. 

Fatty BB xxx

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