Wednesday, 20 June 2012

I'm just fighting temptations...

So my idol Bey says, 'I'm just fighting temptations, you gotta get more control'.
This precisely mirrors my feelings today...and it's Day 1 of PROJECT RIHANNA. Everyone in my family knows about me wanting to lose weight and shape up, mainly because they all bully me about it constantly (I'm such a middle child). So why is it then when I come home do I find a plate of cupcakes to welcome me!?
How kind.
I feel less like Carrie Bradshaw and more like Jesus embarking on his 40 days in the desert. Selfish gits. So of course I go a little closer to inspect the devilish treats and possibly give them a smell. That familiar guilty feeling hits me in a big cupcake shaped wave, NO I DON'T WANT TO EAT YOU. Of course this is a lie but boy did it feel good. Cupcakes = carbs....I just said no to carbs. I'm basically a saint.

So on a less angelic point....I have a confession. Although today I feel fabulously superior to all human beings because I have been good and healthy for one day, those two words did by not means enter my vocabulary this weekend. No way, not even close, maybe once actually to comment on how deliberately unhealthy I am being. Its like when an addict is about to enter rehab, obviously they are going to get as many hits as possible before they know they are going to give it up. So that it exactly what I did. I got my hit...of Ben and Jerry's. On further contemplation of these two wonderful men in my life, I would go so far as to consider them my soul mates. They have been in there in my darkest times and have offered me small chunks of cookie dough if only to briefly cheer me up. They have also been there in times of utter enjoyment, like when watching the Wedding Date or Step up, a combination that can never be beaten. But carb rehab has been entered and the first step is recognition that you have a problem and coming up with a solution.

So here is my solution: find a new soulmate. I have changed what I normally go for, instead of chunky and full of sugar I'm now looking at a life with the lanky green sorts like rocket. I'm happy about this - I see us having a good future together, one where there is no concern about diabetes.

New soulmate in check the fight to stomp on all temptations is firmly on, bring it on complex carbohydrates and over sugary treats, I'm ready for you.

Fatty BB xxx


  1. Enjoying your blog a lot. My new soulmate (I've also stared a Post-Uni fitness/diet regime) is berries covered in Greek yoghurt and honey. Find a market/greengrocers (a billion times cheaper than supermarkets and better quality) and feel really smug buying a bag of berries then scoff to your hearts content knowing there's hardly any calories and it's really yummy. Good luck! :)

  2. That sounds delicious and I can definitely act like a superior shopper when I am browsing for only fruit and veg! Good luck with yours too! x