Thursday, 14 June 2012

I feel like Carrie Bradshaw

Well this is exhilarating isn't it?! I genuinely feel like a fat Carrie Bradshaw. I confess I have never actually been a 'Sex and the City' fan, growing up under the watchful drunk eye of Big Bad Baz good indian girls were never to watch such rubbish. But I know who she is and although I despise Sarah Jessica Parker, if I were a successful Manhattan writer with a wardrobe to die for I would be feeling somewhat how I feel now. Similar to how I feel when someone gives me a white magnum - sheer joy.

I need a signature sign off, gossip girl has one and she's almost as wise and important as me. Even Jerry Springer has a sign off! Thinking cap is firmly placed on ( see I knew this post was never going to top the first one, the excitement got the better of my wit). Got it. Eureka moment. Simplicity is key.

 "Fatty BB xxx"

Classier ring to it than 'can't afford lipo' or 'gastric band won't work'. No Fatty BB (bye bye, Billie Bhatia, Big and Beautil *cringe*...the BB limits are endless.)

Goodnight my children, Bradshaw is out of here,

Fatty BB xxx

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