Monday, 13 May 2013

The Actual Vogue Diet

I'm sure this will jinx any opportunity I have lined up for myself. Oh well.

About 9 months ago I applied to Vogue for an internship and was quite thrilled that I even got a response, albeit a generic 'you have been unsuccessful blah blah blah', and I thought my Anna Wintour dreams had been dashed forever. It appears...maybe not.

My editor at Style urged me to email her contact at Vogue and get myself in, so when I finally get to the balls to do it, I once again got the generic rejection I had a 5 minute pity party and decided I am going to email them again on the hour every hour until I got  an actual response. Email was sent again and surprise surprise I was unsuccessful AGAIN. At this point I hit the biscuit find that Ashwin had scoffed them all, gutted. A couple of minutes later I heard a ping on my laptop and it was Vogue again. I was preparing myself for the worst, for the email to read, 'please stop bombarding my inbox with your pathetic attempts - to clarify you have been unsuccessful on your application.' However this time the email read 'Apologies we sent you the wrong email,  your application has gone through to the managing editor.' Further to this she actually said she was impressed with my application - WIN. One week later, I have managed to score myself an interview. Who would have thought.

Now the painful decision of what to wear is playing on my mind night and day. Although BBB has suggested I get a poncho a la Ugly Betty, just for lols I have decided this is probably not the best idea. The asos addiction is getting even worse due to trying to find something suitable - but what is suitable?! aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh. No idea.

So the gym routine recommenced in full force today and it was a painful, painful process. Even more so because Saturday night at work I think I actually ran a marathon, and my body has yet to fully recover. Despite Entropy being a small restaurant once you have run around 200,000 times that must at least equate to a 1500m sprint right? Especially when you are trying to impress Dishy Darren on table one. And considering every time at school I managed to get out of doing the 1500m by either throwing myself down a short flight of stairs or deliberately giving myself food poisoning I can now report that it is not fun. But alas, I'm sure if I continue my attempts at running on the treadmill which I still havent figured out how not to trip on, the pain will soon subside.

If I don't get the internship with Vogue, for my own safety please put the chocolate hobnobs out of sight.

Fatty BB xxx

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