Sunday, 13 January 2013

Guilty As Charged.

My crime: Christmas over indulgence. 
Verdict: Guilty. 

It has been a little while since I last posted and to be perfectly honest it was simply because there was no fighting the fat. Not even a small amount of fighting to make up one post - I couldn't lie to you. I completely and utterly succumbed to the festivities in every sense of the meaning. I ate too much, drank too much, spent too much and throughly enjoyed it. Sorry... but I'm not sorry. Christmas is a time for happiness and indulgence and nothing makes me happier than indulging in roast potatoes and chocolate yule log. 

So inevitably it came to New Year's Eve and that looming question of 'what are your resolutions for 2013 going to be?' That dreaded bloody question...nosy buggers just focus on your own failed resolutions stop asking about mine! I think it has been my resolution to lose weigh since 1994 and it seems I have been rather ineffective (might I add, like most of the population) at ever attaining these resolutions. So I decided to not make a resolution about losing weight this year. Instead it is simply going to be inherent in my life. I started off well last Summer when I began this glorious blog and managed to drop 2 and a half stones...HOWEVER I then got to shittest job known to man and self diagnosed myself with depression. I may have overreacted with depression, most probable. In my time of need I felt no motivation to hit the gym or eat particularly well and as such I gave up and found the bread. I know bad Billie. Things got a lot better when Entropy arrived in my life and I thought running around a restaurant would definitely burn off all the grazing in the kitchen. It didn't. The reason that plan failed was because I didn't factor in my non existant metabolism and although there were relatively frequent gym sessions, there were also relatively frequent risottos. Oops. 

So the resolution for 2013 was not to loose weight but to be bolder and braver. If I want something to just go for it and not pussyfoot around it like I have been for the past 22 years. Without being cringe my resolution was to have an adventure, for the past couple of decades I've played it pretty safe so I think it is time for a change. My adventure might not be in the African savannah or the rain forests of South America (mainly because I HATE trekking...gross get a Jeep) but it could be finding my perfect school in Paris or finally getting a break in London and entering the rather savage world of fashion. Whatever it be, its going to be my year and my adventure. 

The reason I started this blog was 1) to put off getting a job by persuading BBB that this was very time consuming and important 2) to make sure I kept myself motivated by sharing my rather uninteresting story with people. Neither really happened because I was a lazy fuck. Well 2012 is done and things are looking up.... I am actually getting somewhere with a career (and one that I actually want to pursue, soz law but you can do one) and people actually like my writing! Shock. 

So here is the plan for the foreseeable future, stop fucking around and just get on with it time is passing already and Cancun 2014 is looming in the not so distant future. I have had a very serious chat with the chefs at work and what they have to do I have a break down and come in asking for risotto or breakfast to show me a picture of Rihanna and kindly tell me to sod off. 

Game on 2013...let's see who wins. 

Fatty BB xxx

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