Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Bright Lights, Big City...Lost Billie.

For the last week I have been putting on a great facade as a London girl and I have 100% LOVED IT.
I love the bright lights. I love the big city. I don't love getting lost...London is confusing.
My idea of living in London is a great Fulham town house not too far from the local hang out the Sloaney Pony and within walking distance of Knightsbridge. So before my departure to London I asked BBB if he could look into investing in property in the Fulham/Chelsea area...didn't go down so well. A look of obvious contempt rolled across his face and his response was that I was moronic and to just make him some dinner. The dream is still alive, I am now just plotting as to how many bottles of wine it will take for him to crack and just bow to my Sloaney needs.

But for this week I was very much the bed hopper, and despite my desperate desire to stay for the week at the Savoy, I was made my away across 8 lines and every corner of the tube map to stay with my lovely friends. Thank you all very much for looking after me!

So what was I doing in London, aside from leaving work in their busiest week since Christmas...sorry Entropy kids. I was down for a couple of interviews one with a home ware designer and I was also working plus-size fashion weekend. More than anything I was excited that I was actually getting somewhere in 2013 and getting out of the rut that has been 1990-2012. However I have decided that there is no easy way into journalism and in particular fashion journalism and to be honest I think Geeta has even got bored of my gushing about Matthew Williamson and Christopher Bailey and don't even get me started on Cara Delevigne - we share the same love of our eyebrows (although hers have scored her model of the year, and mine have scored me...well nothing). But that is the dream and I refuse to let it die just yet, instead I need to find another way in.

One way to immerse myself in the industry was to work for London Plus Size Fashion Weekend which all kicked off at a 8am photoshoot in Shoreditch on Friday, which I was working as a stylist for. Obviously I arrived late - a combination of Hammersmith station being closed, the Central Line being full of wanker bankers and not being able to find the right shade of lipstick - disaster. The photoshoot was crazy fun. I loved it. I got to interview the models too, who were all major figures in the plus size world, even though I was slightly distracted by the sheer amount of make up. The rest of the weekend was a blur of press events, fashion lines, meeting some of the most influential people in plus-size fashion, chilling with Basement Jaxx and attempting to fit 3 people onto 2 shitty single beds. The finale came in the shape of the designers' collaborative fashion show and it was awesome, I loved some of the clothes but in the back of my head I had this niggling thought..'I could do it better'.

Of course this event coincided with London Fashion Week and the goal is next year I want to be THERE. Watching the Burberry show on my laptop in my room I'm sure wouldn't quite compare to being there. So that is the dream, next year to be bessies with Christopher Bailey and hanging out with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. During the interim of my fame I have decided I am going to have my own little side project  and design a capsule collection. With a background in Classics and Law this makes perfect sense. Luckily one member of the Bhatia household went to fashion college and used to be a big dog in the fashion/design world and luckily I'm her favourite. Pattern cutting 101 here I come.

So what has this week taught me? That even though I am not your typical fashionista I will make it and I will make them eat cake whilst I do. Big things (quite literally) are about to happen.

Fatty BB xxx

p.s. And of course the DM Online loved us...http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2280276/LIZ-JONES-says-forget-pricey-designers-smartest-looks-London-Fashion-Week-affordable.html

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